Treat Mom to Something Precious This Mother’s Day

Rabu, 9 Juni 2021

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Just mention the word “Mom,” and it’s likely to stir up memories of love, warmth and kindness. That’s why there is a day dedicated just to her, honoring all that she’s done.

Trying to decipher what she would like, however, can be a daunting task.

Experts agree, saying there is a tremendous amount of pressure to find that perfect gift, when in reality, most mothers just want to know they’re cherished and appreciated.




That’s all well and good, but does little to help you with the decision of what to get the most important woman in your life. For that, the following ideas may help you create a precious moment any mom will love on her special day:

• Give the gift of time. Anyone can pick up the phone and make a reservation at a restaurant. A real treat, however, is to scoot her out of the house for some alone time—maybe with a gift card in hand—to her favorite book or clothing store while you stay home and cook and clean. This way, she gets the best of both worlds—no chores for a day, a nice meal when she comes home and time to herself with a little walking-around money to boot.

• Write down your words. You love your mom. She knows that. But seeing it on paper takes “I Love You” to a whole new level. Be it in a poem, story or letter, moms love the written word. Want some bonus points? Tuck this on a tray with a homemade breakfast (in bed, of course) and a handpicked flower in a vase, and it guarantees a few tears.

• Pick the perfect pendant. To say that women love jewelry would be an understatement. But this type of gift is also very personal, making it difficult to find that piece that embodies the amount of love you have for this lady you call Mom. This is why Galatea has created a hand-carved pearl that contains the first near field communication (NFC) in the industry. The Momento Pearl allows users to create a tailored voice message that can be played when the pearl is tapped against a compatible mobile device. The Momento Pearl can also store a variety of digital content, including images, messages and web links—so even if you can’t be with Mom on her day, you can still send her a message or photo showing your love with a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

“A person can ‘live’ with this pearl forever, as it holds the voice and memories of a loved one,” says inventor and Galatea founder Chi Huynh. “The real interest in the Momento Pearl lies in its ability to summon a voice, a memory and emotion,” adds Huynh, who plans on introducing more NFC-enabled jewelry to include gemstones and diamonds.

The new Galatea line includes earrings, rings and pendants in 14k white or yellow gold. To learn more, visit

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