Stylish Carrying Case Corrals Handbag Essentials in Style

Senin, 9 Maret 2020 - 11:54

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Despite their best efforts, most women have had the experience of frantically digging into the bottom of a large purse or handbag for an essential item such as eyeglasses, cellphone, keys, or passport. A separate case to corral these important possessions makes sense, especially if it combines fashion with function.

Being able to protect, carry, and access these items in a reliable, convenient, safe way makes women’s lives easier and better, according to the creator of TravelEyez, a unique, stylish accessory that holds not only eyeglasses, but other essentials including phones and keys.

The TravelEyez products are double-sided and designed to zip around the strap or handle of any purse, handbag, or backpack.This stylish accessory is available in black mesh with six different-colored zipper options, as well as black leather and caramel leather for a dressier look, and are sold in sets of two cases that may be zipped together or used separately. The designs are identical regardless of color, so they can mix and match, or stay consistent.”Each TravelEyez case can hold a pair of glasses or car keys, money, credit cards, jewelry or a smart phone. You can zip cases together to connect as many as you need, and attach them to your purse or bag handle to keep your personal items organized and close at hand for easy access,” says Yvonne Graber, creator of TravelEyez.



TravelEyez also gives women peace of mind. The case cancels the need to keep valuables such as a phone or keys in a pants or jacket pocket where they might fall out.Some of the most popular uses include:- Travel. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the case provides a secure way to monitor a phone, wallet, credit cards and passport. Try it on a suitcase, travel tote, or carry-on bag.- Shopping. As mundane as it may sound, don’t underestimate the value of a handy way to easily access your phone and wallet when shopping, especially for moms toting small children along.- On the go. This is an ideal accessory for students, fitness fanatics, or those on the go. The cases attach easily to bike bars, gym bags, and backpack straps.With the holidays just around the corner, TravelEyez also makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.The patent on the TravelEyez design is pending.For more information, visit

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