Rockin’ to the Beat: Tips for Enjoying a Live Concert

Rabu, 9 Juni 2021

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A concert is more than an event, it’s an experience. This is a chance to get dressed up, go out on the town, connect with your friends and maybe just discover a hot new band that you want to add to your playlist.

For some, however, the pressure may be too much. Is it possible to just sit back and enjoy the concert? We believe so. In fact, the following tips will help guarantee you enjoy the show.

For music lovers, it’s a dream come true: showing up on a whim, anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, this could be a recipe for a social disaster. In other words, it’s the type of faux pas that your friends will talk about at cocktails parties for weeks, if not years, to come. To prevent any mistakes, Google the artists, especially if they’re new in town. Is this a head-banging rock concert that calls for leather pants or a sophisticated evening of light jazz? By knowing the genre, you’ll be better able to pick your wear (and your attitude).




Plus-Ones Preferred

Spread the word and make an event of the night. Use the concert as a means of catching up with friends, getting to know other folks in the office or surprising your significant other.

Keep It to a Minimum

For those who love to imbibe, three words: Keep it classy. No one wants to carry you home, and even fewer folks paid money to hear you singing along with the band.

Be Prepared

Make sure you have what you need for an evening out. Besides the basics, like your keys, your cell phone, credit cards and comfortable shoes, take along the accessory you use to do what you do.

If you dip, consider packing FLASR, the portable spittoon. This Atlanta-based product fits in your pocket and has a secure locking mechanism, so you don’t need to worry about embarrassing spills.

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